Caving Challenge II

Here's the 411 on this amazing adventure.

The Adventure

Suit up for the Underground Adventure in Old Town Spring Cave and wading in the very stream that helped carve out Marengo Cave.

Later, meander down scenic Blue River, located in the heart of Indiana’s Cave Country, on a half-day canoe excersion.

Ready to pack your gear?

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Available:  April - October

Offered everyday during summer. Weekends only in April, September, and October.

Group Size:  12 or more

Required Age:  10 and up

Hours Needed:  6+

Price:  $46

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Included Activities

It's all out fun with this lineup.

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Add-On Extras

Enhance your trip with any of these.

Add-On Price
Gemstone Mining
The Crawl

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Video Footage

Never a dull moment. Catch the excitement.