Young Explorers

Here's the 411 on this amazing adventure.

The Adventure

Our newest package is sure to add fun and adventure to the young and the young at heart.
This package is the perfect transition from beginning to intermediate in our cave exploring options.

Start off with The Crawl, our cave simulator. Crawls in the cave include: Snake Crawl, Lover’s Retreat, Highway Hole, and the Masher. Also enjoy the beauty of the Crystal Palace.

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Available:  September - May

Group Size:  12 or more

Required Age:  7 and up

Hours Needed:  4+

Price:  $38 / $35 (Winter)

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Included Activities

It's all out fun with this lineup.

  • The Masher

    Conquer this 250-foot dry crawl way, 200 feet below the surface.

  • Lover's Retreat

    You’ll use some different muscles on this crawl!

  • Snake Crawl

    Aptly named for how you move. No snakes in the cave!

  • Highway Hole

    If you crawl far enough, you might hear traffic on SR 64!

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Add-On Extras

Enhance your trip with any of these.

Add-On Price
Gemstone Mining
The Crawl